100 years of Future

In 2012 Mizutani Bee Farm celebrated 100th anniversary. The policy we have esteemed highly in order to protect and nurture one business for a long time is not to sell more products but to make more people find joy. This policy hasn’t changed over time and has been inherited ever since this company started.

In appreciation of the blessing of nature, bees’ wisdom and the people who have supported us for 100 years, we’d like to continue thriving in as a company who can keep creating colorful ” joys” also in the next 100 years.

We take a new step to the next 100 years. We wish that it would be a wonderful future where people and nature, people and people can live in harmony.

100 year anniversary product
“Hyakujyu Honey”

Japanese Honey
‘various flowers” “Acacia” “ Astragalus”