Bond with the flowers all over the world

Honey born by the Japan first traceability system

Realized the safety, security, high quality and low price by the relationship with overseas bee keepers

Tomohiko Mizutani who became the 4th generation president in 1996 made forays overseas on the basis of the trust for Mizutani Bee Farm that his predecessors had established. Since the foundation Mizutani Bee Farm always stick resolutely to the high quality and safe “Pure Japanese Honey” so we cannot supply foreign honey to the consumers just because of the low price. However, on the other hand in Japan along with the decreasing number of flowers the amount of honey crop kept decreasing and the prices were increasing. Then our wish to supply many consumers with tasty, safe but low cost honey was realized by our own traceability system.

As China has almost same climate and ecological system of agricultural products as Japan, we instructed the Japanese way of bee-keeping, realized the improvement of testing machines and technology and established the traceability system there so that we can supply safe, secure, high quality and low cost honey. Furthermore the president himself visits bee keepers in Europe, South America, Canada, New Zealand etc and buys directly honey only after strict examinations. We further seek to supply higher quality foreign honey at low cost by the ways such as the joint purchase with other companies in the same trade.

(1)With a Canadian bee keeper (2)With a Canadian bee keeper (3)With a New Zealand bee keeper  (4)With the Managing Director of 100% Pure New Zeland Honey Ltd. in NZ (5)With the Managing Director of Honey World in Hungary  (6)In Hungarian bee keeper’s outfit(7)In Hungary (8)A Bulgarian bee keeper

Tomohiko Mizutani
CEO of Mizutani Bee Farm

He seeked to follow a line of his predecessor of Mizutani Bee Farm to supply the tasty, safe and pure Japanese honey, but at the same time developed further the possibility of Chinese honey by introducing the traceability system. He also forged partnerships with the bee keepers all over the world.

What is the traceability

It’s the “history management” of producer, production area, chemicals used, quality checking tests etc. Mizutani Bee Farm place strict control over the history of the products from the production through to the consumers and conduct the inspections and cross checks up of the documents. All the products passed the examination are given quality control numbers and we make sure that the safe products are supplied to the consumers.