Company overview

Company Name Mizutani Bee Farm
Address 430-1 Matsugasima-cho Matsusaka-shi Mie
CEO Tomohiko Mizutani
TEL 0598-52-0306
FAX 0598-52-0330
Osaka Sales Branch 3-4-21 Kitasakurazuka Toyonaka-shi Osaka
Business Descripition Manufacture and sales of honey, royal jelly, propolis, pollen and other honey related products.
Wholesale of food. Manufacture and sales of confectionery


1912 Matsujiro Mizutani started bee keeping in Mie Prefecture (Mizutani Brothers Apiary)
1929 In line with the importation plan of Chinese bees, imported big quantity of bees from China
1933 Seiichi Mizutani established the “Mieken Youhou Kumiai” (Mie Prefecture Apiary Union).
1939 Seiichi Mizutani established the “Nippon Yohou Renmei” (Japan Apiary Association)
1958 Started to supply Mizutani brand honey to department stores in Kansai area.
1963 Started the trade with Eishou Trading company following the liberalization of honey business 
1965 Seiichi Mizutani succeeded in the pollination of strawberries in the vinyl house using bees.
1969 Opened “Mitsubachi(bee) Coffee Shop” in the 10th Bldg. of Osaka Semba Trade Center Bldg.
Started the commissioned manufacturing of “Jusco Honey” and have continued up to the present time.
1975 Established “Mizutani Bee Farm” Co. Ltd.
1976 Set up an Osaka branch
Started the manufacturing and sales of confectionery
1985 Expanded the factory. Participated in the 30th International Conference
1986 Inaugurated a laboratory and the product development division
1989 Started sales of Propolis
1990 Opened a retail shop “Matsujiro-no-ho” in Matuzaka City
1991 Seiichi Mizutani decorated with the Order of the Sacred Treasure, Gold and Silver Rays 
1994 Tomohiko Mizutani became a director of Zenkoku Hachimitsu Kousei Torihiki Kyougikai (Fair Trade Council of Japan Honey Association )
1995 Tomohiko Mizutani became the Chairman of the Youth Division of Matsuzaka Chamber of Commerce
1996 Tami Mizutani assumed the office of Chairman.  Tomohiko Mizutani became CEO
Opened a retail shop “Mitsubachi no ie (house of bees)”.
Set up a Mail Order Division “Aji no Hanamichi”
1997 Introduced HACCP system for the hygienic control of the main factory
Started bee-keeping in China
1998 Started the collection, direct import and sales of Organic honey in cooperation with bee keepers in NZ
2000 Expanded “Matsujiro-no-ho” and was incorporated as a private limited company (Shunsuke Mizutani became CEO)
2002 Aquired ISO14001. Started the manufacturing of Ice Cream
2003 Cooperated with the bee keepers in China and imported the material under the traceability system for the first time
2004 A branch of “Matsujiro-no-ho” opened in Dotonbori, Osaka
2005 Tomohiko Mizutani became the Vice Chairman of Japan Propolis Association Established. B. Bee Company Ltd.
2006 Opened a branch of “Matsujiro-no-ho” at the Seibu Department Store in Ikebukuro. Shunsuke Mizutani became Vice Chairman of Mie Prefecture Apiary Association
2010 Tomohiko Mizutani became the Vice Chairman of Japan Royal Jelly Fair Trade Council
2011 Built the new Headquarter office and factory